About Stronglite

At Mihir since 1976, we have always believed in constant innovation and are always in pursuit setting the highest industry standards in composites.

Continuing this grand tradition of continuous and constant innovation, it gives us immense pride in introducing our new group company “Stronglite Composites”. Stronglite Composites specializes in range of PULTRUDED FRP profiles.

Our Pultruded profiles are manufactured at a state of the art Pultrusion Manufacturing Facility equipped with a leading edge modern Material Testing Facility giving us complete control over Design, Manufacturing and Quality Control for these components. All our products are tested under the toughest standards prescribed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and are fully compliant to these standards.

The unique advantages possible with FRP have enabled pultruded profiles to penetrate markets where other materials could not meet the design or end user requirements efficiently. Pultruded FRP structural products are Corrosion Resistant to a broad range of chemicals. In many structural applications where wood rots and metals corrode, Stronglite’s pultruded FRP products will last indefinitely with little or no maintenance. The applications can be in environments where water is present, such as water parks, water and sewage plants and coastal areas, or where corrosive chemical solutions and or vapors are present like in coal preparation plants and chemical plants.

Our pultruded structural shapes also have a high strength-to-weight ratio and pound for pound are stronger than steel in the lengthwise direction. FRP materials are light weight. Generally on an equal volume basis, pultruded fiberglass will weigh only 25% of the weight of steel and 70% of the weight of aluminum. This feature can significantly impact installation costs, reduce the risk for injury and result in less structural support from foundations or supporting structures. Moreover FRP can be field fabricated using simple carpenter tools; no torches or welding is required. Fiberglass materials are also lightweight, resulting in easier erection and installation. Composite design can be customized for required finishes and slip-resistance.

Our Capabilities

  • Production Facility
  • 20,000 sq. ft. constructed production facility.
  • Additional 20,000 sq. ft. of production facility to be built and ready in next six months.
  • Over 1,20,000 sq. ft. available open space for immediate expansion.
  • Ten pultrusion lines with combined capacity of over 3500 tons of annual production.
  • Fifteen Pultrusion lines with combined capacity of over 5200 tons of annual capacity ordered and will be online in next six months.
  • Hydraulic press for various special sections.
  • Material Testing Facility
  • Fully Equipped lab with following testing facilities
  • Tensile
  • Flexural
  • Compression
  • Izod impact
  • Density
  • Muffle furnace (for glass content)
  • Moisture absorption rate
  • Proximity to CIPET & ATIRA for any other tests that may be needed to be carried out

StrongLite Team

We are a team of enthusiastic, versatile engineers who take pride in our work and are dedicated to setting high standards of quality and dependability for our products.

Our management consists of individuals who with over 35 years of experience are considered as top heads of the field.

Stronglite’s team consists of individuals with extensive experience in the field of composites and pultrusion. We have the best and brightest in our field - people who have a deep understanding of composites and a strong background and expertise in design of structural components to meet various client needs.

We have an extensive network of branches located in very strategic hubs around the country which helps us to be close to our customers no matter where there are and provide them with the best after sales support whenever needed. Well equipped erection and service teams in every branch, headed by qualified engineers, giving us the capability to execute numerous jobs.

Test Reports & Approvals for our Products

Products & Markets

Pultruded Fiberglass Profiles can be used in various applications

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