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Structural Applications

Cooling Towers, Work Platforms, Structural Beams, Scaffolding

Cooling Towers

  • There is an increasing demand for the use of composites in cooling tower applications, We manufacture a complete range of composite products for use in Cooling Towers including Pultruded Structural Frame, Partition Walls & Claddings, Ladders & Handrails, Cable Management Systems, Pultruded Decking, Pultruded Stairways & Walk Ways, Louvers.

FRP structures

  • The FRP structures have an advantage over traditional materials as they are corrosion and weather resistance. They also have low weight combined with great strength and require minimal maintenance, while offering long service life. Structures are preferred by many architects to manufacture of Domes, Canopies, Door surrounds, Portico, Shelters and more. These structures provide reliable protection and require negligible maintenance. The quick installation of such structures thereby reduce construction cost.

Electrical Applications

Utility Poles, Cross Arms

  • Fiberglass Crossarms are designed for the standard crossarm load capacity as specified by Bureau of Indian Standards IS 10192-1982 (Reaffirmed in 2005).
  • High Strength, Light Weight, Long Life, Easier to install, Excellent Electrical Properties.


  • WOOD
  • EASY

Access Systems

Ladders, Staircases & Related Structures

FRP Handrail, Ladders and Access Systems offer long life, low maintenance solutions.

Our Access Systems are lightweight and offer high resistance towards corrosion. Easy to fabricate, the installed cost of composite Handrails and Ladders is often lower than that of steel.

Being a fiberglass reinforced composite, the handrails and ladders are thermally and electrically non-conductive, offer excellent UV resistance and are extremely durable in extreme outdoor environments.

Fibreglass or Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) is basically made up of glass fibres which are finely placed in a matrix. They not only weigh lighter than most other materials but also cost less in terms of monetary expenses. At Stronglite we serve to bring to you the best quality FRP product range that will maximize your industrial access system.


Walkways, Maint. & Operator’s Platforms, Machine Decks, Floors, Pallets, Covers (for Tanks, Gutters & Trenches etc.)

FRP Grating made out of pultruded section is an ideal solution for the corrosion problems faced in Industrial environments.

It is an ideal replacement for steel or aluminum gratings used in highly corrosive atmosphere.

FRP Grating often outlasts steel 20 to 1 times and it is a long term investment, where frequent grating and walkways replacement cost are unacceptable.

Pultruded Gratings are manufactured by assembly of Pultruded I-Beams (Load Bearing members) & Pultruded Cross Rods (Cross Locking members).

The distance between the I-Beams is 40 mm, whereas the distance between the Cross Rod varies as per the Load requirement of the application.

  • Cross Rod Distance
  • Recommended Load
  • I-Beam Size 25 MM
  • I-Beam Size 30 MM
  • 300 MM
  • 400 Kg/ Sq. Mtr
  • 500 Kg/ Sq. Mtr
  • 200 MM
  • 500 Kg/ Sq. Mtr
  • 750 Kg/ Sq. Mtr
  • 150 MM
  • 750 Kg/ Sq. Mtr
  • 1000 Kg/ Sq. Mtr
  • 90 MM
  • 1000 Kg/ Sq. Mtr
  • 1250 Kg/ Sq. Mtr

Cable Trays Systems

Perforated & Ladder Type with all accessories

FRP Cable Trays are of the highest quality; they are strong, chemical resistant, and fire retardant, Have electric insulation and are UV protected.

FRP Cable Trays are lightweight, cut to length and can be quickly installed.

FRP cable Trays can be installed suspended above the floor or under beams and can also be installed on the inside or outside wall or sidewall of tunnels and cable ditches, sometimes pultruded FRP cable trays can be installed in open-air columns .

From paper mills to refineries to laboratories, sound electrical design requires an adaptable FRP cable support system that is reliable. Above all, durability and resistance to corrosion lead to lower overall costs during the life of the installation, so contact Stronglite today to find out if our Fiberglass system is right for your application.

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